Arizona Bonus Points

There are Four ways to get bonus points in Arizona for your big game draw. The way that most people are familiar with is by not getting drawn. If you put in for a big game species and are not drawn, you will receive a bonus point that will apply to your next draw attempt. You […]

Javelina Hunt for Fall 2010

There is a Fall hunt for javelina in Arizona.  The Fall javelina hunts are for juniors only and are a great chance to get junior a shot at a “desert pig”.

For the rest of us it is a great chance to pick up a bonus point for javelina. Only a few of the units have a […]

Hello world! is now online. We have found that although there is some good information online for Javelina hunters in general, there is very little information catered specifically to the Arizona javelina enthusiast. With Arizona being a premier destination for javelina, we figured there should be a site just for us.

Check back to the site often as […]