Changes for 2013 Javelina bag limit

There is a major change to the javelina hunts in Arizona this year. The annual bag limit for Javelina has been increased to two. You will only receive one tag in the draw, but you are eligible to take a second javelina with either an over the counter archery permit or with a ‘first come’ left over permit.

The official language from the Arizona hunting regulations:

Bag Limit

Two (2) javelina per calendar year (except as prescribed in R12-4-120) with no more than one (1) javelina taken per open area as defined in each hunt number. The bag limit may be filled in any combination of permit-tag (draw tag or first come left over draw tag as long as differing hunt numbers) or nonpermit-tag (over-the-counter tag) hunts as prescribed
in R12-4-114. No more than one (1) permit-tag shall be issued per hunter through the initial draw.

This is a great change to policy as a number of hunters in the past have been frustrated seeing tags going unpurchased. These unpurchased tags in the past were completely unavailable to hunters that had successfully received a tag in the draw, regardless of hunt success.

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