Arizona Bonus Points

There are Four ways to get bonus points in Arizona for your big game draw. The way that most people are familiar with is by not getting drawn. If you put in for a big game species and are not drawn, you will receive a bonus point that will apply to your next draw attempt. You can also miss a draw on purpose by buying a bonus point. Currently bonus points are offered for each big game species for $7.50 each and must be submitted before the draw deadline. Purchased points will be applied to every draw attempt until you are drawn. When you are drawn for a genus, all bonus points from missing a previous draw or from purchased points will be consumed.

AZGFD offers two other bonus points that don’t get consumed on an successful draw. The first is the Hunters Education bonus point. Hunters that complete an Arizona hunters education course receive a lifetime bonus point for every big game species. Hunters education courses can be completed in AZGFD offices or online.

The final bonus point is the Loyalty Point. Every five years that you apply for the same big game species, whether you are drawn or not, will provide you with another bonus point. Like the hunters education bonus this is not consumed on a successful draw. Loyalty points will stay in place as long as you continue to submit a valid application for that species.

For a javelina hunter bonus points can almost guarantee that you will get the hunt that you want. Some units do not sell out of the available permits and even the most desired units will have about a 30% draw rate during most years.

For adults the only available hunting season is in the Spring. But adults are able to purchase a bonus point during the juniors draw in the Fall. Planning ahead can keep you watching your herd all year with relative comfort that you will get your tag.

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