Spring 2010 Javelina Draw Deadline

So, the Spring 2010 Javelina draw deadline is about a month away. The time to start filling out your applications is now. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, Oct. 13 by 7 p.m. (MST). This will be the deadline for applications to be received, postmarks do not count.

If your application has a mistake and is received by Sept. 24 by 5 p.m., the department will attempt to call you three times in a 24-hour period and give you the opportunity to correct the mistake. After that date, mistakes can cause your application to be rejected…

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Hello world!

ArizonaJavelina.com is now online. We have found that although there is some good information online for Javelina hunters in general, there is very little information catered specifically to the Arizona javelina enthusiast. With Arizona being a premier destination for javelina, we figured there should be a site just for us.

Check back to the site often as […]