Spring 2015 Draw is open

The online application service is now available for the 2015 Arizona spring hunt draw for turkey, javelina, buffalo and bear. The deadline for submitting draw applications is Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014 by 7 p.m. (MST). I put in my application today, and will be watching for the leftovers as last years rule changes allow for hunters to take an additional javelina from the leftover pool.

Arizona Online Application Service

Arizona Spring Javelina Hunt

This was a great year for me. Not only did I tag another javelina, I was able to spend the hunt with a first time javelina hunter. My friend ‘Red’ is a long time Arizona resident and outdoors-man who had never been on a javelina hunt before. We both drew tags for the Unit 22 HAM hunt and would be hunting with our 357 revolvers. Since Unit 22 is so close to town we decided to drive out every morning and back into town every night.

We went scouting in the area we planned on hunting about a month before the hunt. I had harvested a javelina in that area the previous year and had seen multiple herds. We did not see a lot of sign initially, and the main herd I had seen the previous year looked to have moved on. We eventually got into some sign and before we knew it were within about 20 feet of the herd. We watched them for a time, and then backed out of the area.

This was not the case opening day. We hiked, and glassed, and glassed some more, but the herd was nowhere to be found. After a full day in the field we decided to check out a new area the next day.

The next morning we hiked down into a canyon system where I had seen two or three herds. Halfway in to the ‘starting point’ we jumped a herd of about 8 javelina. They were bedded down in some tall grass, and if we had been paying better attention we would have had them. We gave chase but lost them in some think mesquite. Those were the only javelina we saw on day two.


Glassing the hills in Unit 22 for Javelina

Day three had us up in another area that I have seen several herds. On the drive in we spotted 3 javelina walking right down the road ahead of us. We parked about 150 yards behind them on a curve and made a move on foot. The javelina turned a corner into the cactus and dissipated into another dimension. We had eyes on the whole hillside with the exception of about 15 feet, and somehow they managed to get away. We spent the rest of the day glassing the hillsides hoping for some movement. We saw about a half dozen deer, but the pigs were long gone.


Day four, we hiked up into some beautiful canyons with a nice stream flowing through. We saw tons of predator tracks along the way. Bobcat, fox, coyote, bear, and even a fresh set of lion prints. Mixed in were some solitary javelina tracks, but I had a good idea of where the herds liked to hang out. A few miles in and I started glassing the hillside. I spotted two dozen javelina almost immediately and we started the long climb to reach them as they were about a mile off and at least 500 feet up.

Right as we were getting into position the herd spooked and took off up the ridge and out of site. I yelled at my friend to get up top and we raced after them. Once we got the lay of the land we knew there were only two options, they had either dropped down the back of the hill in heavy cover, or headed down a slope to the left. I actually pointed to the left slope while we were talking about the options, and found myself pointing right at a javelina about 20 yards away hiding in front of a bush.

My friend followed my gaze, and immediately drew his weapon. The shot passed right through the heart and both lungs, dropping it on the spot.

All in all there was an embarrassing number of blown stalks this year, but seeing a friend get their first javelina was something I will never forget.

red and his javelina

Red looking down at his first Arizona Javelina

Never seen this guy look happier.

Never seen this guy look happier.

Spring 2013 Javelina Draw Applications

The draw for Spring 2013 will be open in mid September according to AZGFD. Hunt applications will be due by Oct 9th and if you apply online you will have until Nov 7th to update your payment information. Please take a look at the Spring Draw Information from the link at the top of the site. This is the only sortable database online where you can review Javelin draw and success rates. It took some work, and I am pretty happy with it. Please leave a comment if there is something that you would like to see added to the site.

Changes for 2013 Javelina bag limit

There is a major change to the javelina hunts in Arizona this year. The annual bag limit for Javelina has been increased to two. You will only receive one tag in the draw, but you are eligible to take a second javelina with either an over the counter archery permit or with a ‘first come’ left over permit.

The official language from the Arizona hunting regulations:

Bag Limit

Two (2) javelina per calendar year (except as prescribed in R12-4-120) with no more than one (1) javelina taken per open area as defined in each hunt number. The bag limit may be filled in any combination of permit-tag (draw tag or first come left over draw tag as long as differing hunt numbers) or nonpermit-tag (over-the-counter tag) hunts as prescribed
in R12-4-114. No more than one (1) permit-tag shall be issued per hunter through the initial draw.

This is a great change to policy as a number of hunters in the past have been frustrated seeing tags going unpurchased. These unpurchased tags in the past were completely unavailable to hunters that had successfully received a tag in the draw, regardless of hunt success.

Leftover Hunt Tags for Spring 2012

There are still tags left over from the spring draw for javelina, turkey and archery bear. Starting tomorrow Dec. 5, hunters interested in pursuing a springtime harvest can purchase one of these leftover tags in person at any Game and Fish office on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, hunters will need to submit an application with the four-digit hunt number from the listing of leftover tags.

Javelina Draw and Hunt Statistics

We have added an interactive database of Arizona Game and Fish data for the javelina draw and hunt results to the site.
You can use this to help plan your draw choices for the next hunting season. Shown on the pages are the number of tag issued for each unit, the number of people that applied and the percentage of tags that were successfully drawn. This information can give the edge when making your unit selections for the draw.

More importantly the table shows the success rates for hunters in each of these units. This combined with the total tage available should give you an idea of javelina density in the state.

The charts are separated by the type of hunt.

Spring Archery
Spring H.A.M.
Spring General (rifle)

Arizona Bonus Points

There are Four ways to get bonus points in Arizona for your big game draw. The way that most people are familiar with is by not getting drawn. If you put in for a big game species and are not drawn, you will receive a bonus point that will apply to your next draw attempt. You can also miss a draw on purpose by buying a bonus point. Currently bonus points are offered for each big game species for $7.50 each and must be submitted before the draw deadline. Purchased points will be applied to every draw attempt until you are drawn. When you are drawn for a genus, all bonus points from missing a previous draw or from purchased points will be consumed.

AZGFD offers two other bonus points that don’t get consumed on an successful draw. The first is the Hunters Education bonus point. Hunters that complete an Arizona hunters education course receive a lifetime bonus point for every big game species. Hunters education courses can be completed in AZGFD offices or online.

The final bonus point is the Loyalty Point. Every five years that you apply for the same big game species, whether you are drawn or not, will provide you with another bonus point. Like the hunters education bonus this is not consumed on a successful draw. Loyalty points will stay in place as long as you continue to submit a valid application for that species.

For a javelina hunter bonus points can almost guarantee that you will get the hunt that you want. Some units do not sell out of the available permits and even the most desired units will have about a 30% draw rate during most years.

For adults the only available hunting season is in the Spring. But adults are able to purchase a bonus point during the juniors draw in the Fall. Planning ahead can keep you watching your herd all year with relative comfort that you will get your tag.

Spring 2011 Javelina Draw Deadline

The Spring 2011 Javelina draw deadline is about a month away. If you have been keeping your eye on a herd this year, the deadline to apply is Tuesday, Oct. 12 by 7 p.m. (MST). This will be the deadline for applications to be received, postmarks do not count.

If your application has a mistake and is received by Sept. 23 by 5 p.m., the department will attempt to call you three times in a 24-hour period and give you the opportunity to correct the mistake. After that date, mistakes can cause your application to be rejected…

Continue reading Spring 2011 Javelina Draw Deadline

Javelina Hunt for Fall 2010

There is a Fall hunt for javelina in Arizona.  The Fall javelina hunts are for juniors only and are a great chance to get junior a shot at a “desert pig”.

For the rest of us it is a great chance to pick up a bonus point for javelina. Only a few of the units have a 100% draw rate but picking up a bonus point now will almost assure you any unit that you want come next spring.  It also doesn’t hurt to send an extra $7.50 to the Game and Fish Department. You can fill out your application, hunt code 5000 for the bonus point, and print it from the following link:

Hunt Tag Application

Your application will need to be in the office before June 8th.

Update to 2010 Javelina Draw Results

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has moved up the date for spring  draw results for turkey, javelina, buffalo and bear. The results will be available by Friday, November, 27, 2009.The results are available now. Not in December as they had previously listed.

Any permits not issued during the initial draw will be available to hunters who were unsuccessful in the draw or did not submit an application in October. If you missed the draw you can submit an application by U.S. Mail beginning on or after 8 a.m. (MST) on Monday, November 30, 2009 .

The list of  leftover permits will be posted Monday, December 7, 2009 is available now and any leftover permits will be available for purchase at all Arizona Game and Fish Department offices after 8 a.m. (MST) .

You can click here to be taken to the Arizona Game and Fish Department draw results page.

Click Here to download the list of leftover permits.

Then contact a guide for your hunt by visiting our Guides and Outfitters page.